3D Printing

Welcome to The Spark Makerspace 3D printing services! This queue is for full service print submissions. Full service within The Spark generally costs $1.00 per print hour and includes:

  • 3D model quality review
  • Material(s) assessment
  • Machine setup
  • Quality control monitoring
  • Print Options
    • Material selection options
    • Print bed upgrade
    • Dual color prints*

Please visit The Spark website for more information about the 3D printers we have in our collection.

Submission Process

  • Complete Contact information- All communication is via email, please confirm that the email you include is one you check regularly
  • Select the appropriate tab: Personal, Class, or Internal
    • Personal- the print is for personal use
    • Class- Print is for an assignment in a class, to have the fee waived submission must include professor full name and class number
    • Internal- print is for a UNT Library department
  • Upload your .stl file(s)
    • Upload files separately; use the ‘add a file’ or ‘remove a file’ button as needed
    • 3D models are printed using standard slicing settings unless otherwise noted

The Spark is not allowed to make changes to submitted files, so please verify the print files meet your desired expectations before submitting. 3D prints often require supports in order to print, please go to our blog for more information. Also note, The Spark does not do any post processing of 3D prints.


  • Timeline
    • Submission reviewed in 2-3 Spark business days*
    • Approved Submissions are printed within 7-10 Spark business days of payment being received**
    • The Spark can not guarantee turnaround times of less than 10 Spark business days*
    • The Spark Team will make every effort to meet and exceed turn-around times, although timelines can vary based on a number of factors including:
      • Print time(s)
      • Queue volume
      • Staff and machine capacity
      • Semester events

*Please let us know if you are not receiving communications within the standard timelines above

**Approval email will include the link to the payment portal